Top 5 Places to Eat at Universal Studios Theme Parks

No. 5  Lombard’s Seafood Grille – Universal Studios

Lombard’s is known for its delicious fish dishes, but if you’re not a seafood fan don’t let that deter you from eating here.  They also have great salads, burgers and sandwiches as well.  This restaurant offers a cinematic spectacular package.  For an additional cost, you can get premiere seating to Universal’s night time show which is a projection show taking you back in time with lots of great movie moments.  The clips are accompanied by lights and fountains making this a special way to end your night.




No. 4  Finnegan’s Bar and Grill – Universal Studios

This is a great restaurant option for a last-minute sit-down meal.  We had a party of 11 and were planning on just eating at Fast Food Lane for dinner but then it started raining and eating outside was not going to be an option.  We ran into Finnegan’s with very little hope to being able to eat together or soon.  We only waited 10 minutes for them to put some tables together for us.  The adults loved the selection of drinks and beers and the kids loved that it was right across the street from the Mummy ride.  We ordered our food, ran over and rode the ride and then returned to our meals just being delivered.  The food was good and they had a fantastic Reggae band playing.  You would think it would be Irish music, but the kids loved the Reggae and had a fun time listening to it while eating.  This was a great restaurant that we just happened upon and I would eat here again.






No. 3  Leaky Cauldron – Universal Studios

This quick service restaurant is a must for all Harry Potter lovers.  Entering this restaurant, you are immediately transported to the books.  They serve typical English fare like Toad in the Hole, Fish and Chips and Bangers and Mash.  I have also had the Fisherman’s Pie which was really good.  The thing that I love about both Wizarding World quick service restaurants is that they have employees that are there to find seats for people.  It takes the stress out of trying to find open tables and they’re always fun to interact with and talk to, especially if you get one that’s really into their job.  If you are looking for a sweet treat after your meal, just around the corner is Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour.  They serve truly unique flavors of ice cream like Chocolate Chili, Clotted Cream, Earl Gray and Lavender and of course my favorite, Butterbeer flavored ice cream.  Yes, it is delicious and yes I will eat more than one during my visits… don’t judge!





No. 2  The Three Broomsticks – Islands of Adventure

The other Wizarding World quick service restaurant is probably my favorite of the two.  This will have similar food to the Leaky Cauldron, but with the addition of rotisserie chicken, ribs and smoked turkey legs.  You can eat out on the back patio and overlook Hogwart’s Castle while eating your meal which is always a fun treat.  This restaurant is connected to the Hog’s Head Pub which serves beer and my absolute favorite drink, butterbeer.  If the lines are long outside for butterbeer, this is a great location that won’t have as long of lines to wait for the best drink ever invented!







No. 1  Mythos Restaurant – Islands of Adventure

My top pick to eat at is Mythos Restaurant.  I think this is one of the best restaurants we have ever eaten at in a theme park.  If you have any sort of food allergies, this is the place to go.  We have gluten and peanut allergies in our family and we always feel confident that we will be served a safe and delicious meal.  The chef comes out to our table to talk through the menu when you have dietary restrictions and takes the time to separately prepare this meal and often deliver it to the table themselves.  I love the fish tacos, pad thai, risotto and gnocchi.  They have delicious sandwiches too.  Not only is the food great, but the actual restaurant itself looks like you are entering a mythical grotto.  Make sure to make a wish at the fountain outside of it too.  This restaurant is more available for lunch as the latest reservation time they offer is 5:15pm.


These are my top picks for eating inside the parks.  There are lots of great restaurants on City Walk and in the resorts too.  For help planning a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure contact Rochelle Meisner at

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