Why even the seasoned Disney traveler could still use a Disney Vacation Planner…

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I used to be that person.  The one that said things like… “I have been to Disney a ton, I know all there is to know.”  “We go almost every year, I’ve got this.”  “Help?  No thanks, I LOVE the planning part.  It’s fun.”  And then…  I became a Disney Vacation Planner and I realized how void my words were.


While the planning of a Walt Disney World vacation is indeed fun, I hadn’t realized that during those long hours of planning I could have just picked up the phone and asked someone a question – for FREE.  Sure, I knew the Disney reservation number by heart (407-WDISNEY), but the 20+ minute hold time and speaking to a different person lobbyevery call doesn’t compare to a quick phone call or text to your Disney Vacation Planner.  I hadn’t realized that calling someone who had my vacation plans right in front of them didn’t remove the fun from my planning, it gave me an ear to bounce ideas off of and a fluidity of planning that I hadn’t experienced.  Disney Vacation Planners aren’t here to take the ‘fun’ out of your planning process, we are here to assist and make the planning MORE fun.

One thing that I have learned through becoming a Disney Vacation Planner is that even if you travel to Walt Disney World a lot, it just isn’t enough give you the knowledge you need. Oftentimes when we travel, we are creatures of habit and do the same things over and over.  Our planning and perspective is only as wide as our own tastes and desires.  A Disney Vacation Planner can offer you insights or ideas that may be out of your realm of thinking, but perfect for your family.

Here are just a few key reasons why even the avid Walt Disney World traveler could benefit from a vacation planner:

  1.  Cost– We will save you money!  Did you know that we watch your vacation price and apply new promotions? hallway Let’s just say a new promotion is released.  By the time it is announced to the public and you are out of bed, I will likely have already made the necessary changes to your trip to apply the new promotion!  Who doesn’t want to save money?
  2.  Up to date information and tips– I know it is fun to research trips on the internet, but there is so much misleading and inaccurate information to sift through.  We are authorized through Disney, so my information is accurate and dependable.  What I know, you know!  I keep up on it every day.  I spend hours (sometimes more than I would like to admit) watching for new restaurant openings, new character experiences, park hour changes, special event announcements – and the list goes on.  With one quick phone call or text, I can provide you with some sweet tidbits for your trip!
  3. Special moments– When my children were little, we traveled to Walt Disney World at least once a year, sometimes twice.  I would rack my brain every year to try to think of something new and exciting to make the trip extra special.  A vacation planner would have saved me hours of research!  At Hi Ho Vacations I work with a team of talented planners who bounce ideas off each other all day, every day.  We all have unique personalities and ideas and this provides me with a bank of outdoor theatreknowledge to help you think of that perfect something to make your trip extra special and different from the vacation before.
  4. Assistance with planning– Would you like to plan your own FastPasses and Dining?  That’s fine.  I can be involved as little or as much as a guest prefers.  I can be that extra set of eyes to take a quick peak at your plans to ensure you aren’t missing anything great.  Have you considered trying a new resort, but were hesitant to make the change?  Ask me, and I will give you an honest, unbiased answer.
  5.  Future travel– If you are the family that travels to Walt Disney World often, then you must love Disney.  But cruiseWalt Disney World is just part of Disney travel!  Let me help you
    take the next step and plan a Disney Cruise, visit Aulani, try an Adventure by Disney vacation or venture to Disneyland.

Using a Disney Vacation Planner doesn’t take away from your vacation planning, it just enhances it.  We save you money, time, and provide you current information and insights.  And honestly, it’s just fun!  It is so much more enjoyable planning a trip with someone than planning alone.  Seriously, if you are a tried and true Walt Disney World traveler and love planning your own vacation, still give me a call and allow me to take your vacation to a whole new level!

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