Confessions of a Cabana Convert

Hi, I’m Krista, and I am now a believer in the Castaway Cay Cabana Experience.  It wasn’t always that way.  I was that girl, you know the one, who professed over and over again how I would never spend the money on something so frivolous, so unnecessary to the experience.  I didn’t need a Cabana, I was perfectly content in my beach chair at the cabana-24family beach.  I was fine with picking up 60 towels on my way off of the ship and schlepping them to our little piece of Paradise along with 2,000 of my closest strangers.  I was perfectly content with hauling our little cooler of drinks to the area we had to disembark at the crack of dawn to find so we could all have chairs together.  I’d been to Castaway Cay 8 times and I never ended the day thinking, boy, I wish I had one of those Cabanas.  And then… I tried it, and realized just how wrong I could possibly be.  I’m not sure if it was the Golf Cart Transportation anywhere you want to go on the island-  Cabana guests call this their personal taxi service-  or perhaps it was showing up to find all the towels you could possibly need and if you need more, they are delivered.  Maybe it was the sunscreen waiting for you in a cute little basket, compliments of Disney Cruise Line, the refrigerator stocked full of soda, water and fruit or the basket of chips and snacks. Personally, I think it was the moment I stepped foot in Cabana 24 that I knew I had arrived!


We started the day doing the Castaway Cay 5K and were ready to put out feet up after the long, hot 3.1 miles.  We cabana-1were taken to our Cabana and introduced to our Cabana Butler for the day, Akim. I sent my swimsuit and beach bag with other members of our group and I was ready to get out of my sweaty workout clothes.  Imagine how happy I was to find a changing area inside the Cabana.  Excellent- I didn’t have to return to the restrooms!  I was also pleased to find my Mom making herself quite at home on one of the comfy lounge chairs. Akim was happy to explain all about the Cabana and the services we would be receiving.  We would have bar service brought to us whenever we wanted, use of floats, mats, and bikes during our stay on the island and a wonderfully comfy little house to rest in while enjoying the gorgeous view of Serenity Bay.  Akim then asked us what time we would like to return to the ship.  Our answer was, “how late can you return us to the ship”!  After going over all of the canbana-2particulars, we were left to enjoy the day.  The water was warm, the sun was shining, and the silence was golden.  Gone were the crying children, the sand kickers, the loud parents and in their place was just the sound of the waves.   We were able to just relax with our books without the need for headphones to drown out all of the commotion around us because there was no commotion.  And the loungers, oh the loungers.  When we use the chairs at the family beach we would need to bring extra towels to lay on the chairs to make them comfortable.  That is not necessary with the Cabana chairs.  They have cushions that are fantastically comfortable.  Even my mother, who never stays at the beach past 2:00 PM lasted the entire day because it was just so relaxing.  After lunch, our friends enjoyed a bike ride around the island while we continued to relax at the Cabana.  I even fell asleep for a little while- something that never happens at the Family Beach.  We enjoyed sitting in our cabana-3private hammock, floating in the waves on our tubes, and when we returned from the beach, washing off in the freshwater shower at the Cabana.  Amazing!


As the day came to a close, I decided right then and there that I don’t think I can ever enjoy Castaway Cay this much again without having one of these Cabanas. And as Akim drove us in the Golf Cart all the way to the gangway of the cabana-4ship like a group of Rock Stars, past the scores of people waiting in line to get through the “Customs” stop prior to getting back to the ship I realized I was now that person- you know the one- who professes their love of the Cabana to anyone who will listen.  It is true, I am a convert.


Krista is a planner with Hi Ho Vacations from Atlanta, GA.  For questions on her experience or to book a Disney Cruise Line Vacation, please contact her at

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